Day: March 20, 2023

performing car inspections

Performing a Car Inspection On Your Own

When buying a car, especially a previously owned car, it is important that you inspect the car before making the purchase. A car inspection before buying the car will prevent you from having unforeseen problems (and bills) later. While there are

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jeep service centres

Which car service centres near me will be reliable for my Jeep?

You are the owner of an iconic Jeep and, if truth be told, you don’t really trust anyone to work on your baby. We know all too well that a Jeep is special in the sense that this particular SUV brand

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bosch wipers

Bosch Wipers, Batteries, Lights and Inspections

Wipers Bosch Car Service Centre workshop only supplies products of excellence. This includes the hardworking wipers on your car. Bosch is at the cutting edge of wiper performance, and we supply only the best to secure your safety on the road

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car diagnostics

What does car diagnostics involve?

Car diagnostics are various tests that can be performed on the car to determine if there are any issues with its engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition, coils, oil tank or any other part of the engine. These tests should be done annually

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brakes and clutch

Know all about your brakes and clutch

One of the first things you are taught when learning to drive is the importance of your brake and clutch pedals. How do your brakes work? There are a few ways in which the brakes system in a car works: The

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vehicle diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

At our Bosch Car Service Pretoria Centre, we use state-of-the-art diagnostics technology to detect any possible electronic faults that may cause your car to breakdown. Our commitment is to assure your safety, which will, ultimately, offer you the peace of mind

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bosch fleet management

Fleet maintenance? Look no further than Bosch Car Service Pretoria

We completely appreciate and understand how important efficient operations are to a business’s ongoing success. At Bosch Car Service Pretoria, we take the utmost care to keep business vehicles running smoothly without interruption. We are equipped to service any amount of

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bosch car service

Look no further than Bosch Car Service for excellence

Bosch Car Service is one of the world’s major independent automotive repair shop franchises. We are part of over 16 500 accredited workshops in 150 countries worldwide, and our comprehensive range of professional services includes everything you could possibly need to

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auto electrical

Bosch Auto Electrical & Airconditioning

Auto Electrical Modern cars’ complex electrical systems require specialised diagnostic equipment for a comprehensive car service. At Bosch Car Service Pretoria Centre, our highly skilled auto electricians make use of sophisticated diagnostic tools to access your car’s data to identify the

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