Which car service centres near me will be reliable for my Jeep?

jeep service centres

You are the owner of an iconic Jeep and, if truth be told, you don’t really trust anyone to work on your baby. We know all too well that a Jeep is special in the sense that this particular SUV brand has specialised functions. We know what you are thinking: “I will have to find one of the car service centres near me where the technicians have deep knowledge of my engine’s intricacies.”

You may believe that work on your Jeep requires a Jeep dealership, but at Bosch Car Service we undertake to increase your Jeep’s lifespan after it has been through the expert hands of our trained technicians.

If you live in Pretoria, our Bosch Car Service Workshop in Gezina is the go-to place near you for the special and loving treatment of your beloved Jeep.

You can rest assured that our technicians understand what problems are particular to the Jeep brand. We promise to give these our special attention.

Here are a few of the most common concerns:

Electrical Problems

Jeep owners have reported a faulty Totally Integrated Power Module, more commonly referred to as TIPM, which is your car’s electrical command centre. This can affect the performance of your fuel pump, which, by not turning it off, can burn out. It can also result in airbags deploying accidentally or not deploying at all, your engine stalling while you are driving, and the starter turning without the engine starting. It may seem to you as if a ghost has taken control of your car when your horn randomly goes off, or when your doors suddenly lock or unlock by themselves.


Your Jeep’s engine may shut off while driving before the check engine light comes on. And let’s hope you have not had an oil change that ended in an engine blow-up!


A frequently reported issue is the “death wobble” that may occur after 80 000 kilometres on the clock. Steering components or a loose or worn suspension could cause this problem. This can happen at a certain speed or lessen when you accelerate.

Shifting Failure

Your Jeep may also, at times, go through rough shifting. You may feel a jerk or a pause when shifting gears. There have also been cases reported of drivers putting their automatic gear in park, only to find that it had magically shifted into drive or reverse!

If you jump into your Jeep and come to our car service centre which is near you, we promise to take care of all these gremlins.

What are the benefits of bringing my Jeep to a Bosch Car Service Centre near me?

The question is: Why bring your car to our workshop in Gezina instead of taking it to a dealership? After your warranty has expired, it will be a costly affair to keep servicing your SUV at the Jeep dealership.

Our technicians have undergone in-depth training and have acquired hands-on experience. We understand Jeep’s internal technicalities and our service managers will set your mind at ease during the entire repair and maintenance process. Contact us if you’re experiencing any issues with your Jeep. Our experts will make sure it’s in the best possible shape before you venture out on the Gauteng roads!

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