Battery Health Check

Did you know that our Bosch Car Service Pretoria Express Service includes a battery health check?
Below is a breakdown of what the battery health check entails:

1. Battery capacity test
In addition to the voltage and load tests, some battery health checks may include a capacity test. This test measures the actual amount of charge the battery can hold compared to its rated capacity. It provides a more comprehensive assessment of the battery’s overall health and helps determine if it is still capable of meeting the vehicle’s electrical demands.

2. Battery state of charge
The battery health check will also indicate the current state of charge of the battery. This information shows how much energy is currently stored in the battery and helps determine if it needs to be recharged or replaced.

3. Diagnostic equipment
The technicians at Bosch Car Service Gezina use specialised diagnostic equipment to perform the battery health check. This equipment provides accurate measurements and helps identify any potential issues with the battery or charging system.

4. Maintenance recommendations
If the battery health check reveals any problems or areas of concern, the technicians will provide recommendations for maintenance or repairs. This may include cleaning the battery terminals, replacing corroded cables, or performing a battery recharge or replacement.

5. Warranty considerations
If the vehicle is still under warranty, the technicians will ensure that any battery-related services are performed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This helps maintain the warranty coverage and ensures that the battery is replaced with a compatible and high-quality replacement, if needed.

By conducting a thorough battery health check, Bosch Car Service Gezina aims to help customers maintain a reliable and efficient electrical system in their vehicles. This ensures proper starting power, optimal performance of electrical components, and reduces the risk of unexpected battery failures.

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